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Advanced Cyber Simulations

Our Legacy Can Be Your Future

Real-world scenarios, hands-on labs. LegaSec provides easy access to purpose-built cyber environments. We are the intersection of education and experience. We shape theory into practical capabilities.

Showcase Capabilities

Demonstrate expertise in a technology domain, assess individuals or solutions against a real network environment. Cyber labs designed to your specifications, to fit your needs. 

Custom Content

Practical, immersive content. Malleable technology stacks. These enterprise-class, scenario-driven labs include threat vectors, tooling, and techniques in-use today.  When it comes to creating content, you have options: work with LegaSec and collaboratively build Micro Ranges, pick from our existing content, or bring your own.

Simplified Delivery

LegaSec’s Micro Range training and simulations use a technology agnostic delivery platform to ensure cyber simulation content is easily consumable. This allows our partners to spend time within the simulations, and not setting up an environment. No VPN, no installation, just easy-to-access virtual environments, that can be unique per user. 

Attack & Defend

Complimentary labs and scenarios based on real-world enterprises. Simulations can be tailored to focus on assessment and testing techniques, advanced red teaming, pentesting or other adversary emulation activities. The focus can also be on  adversary detection, investigation and response. Combine the simulations to get both perspectives.

Practical Vetting Services

LegaSec acts as an aide in technical vetting processes. Remove the burden of creating, hosting, and administering virtual environments. Focus on determining technical acumen, not on virtual lab administration.

Cyber Range and Training Services

Engage in multi-faceted , storied cyber simulations, varying in size, duration, and complexity. LegaSec can act as a provider for either hosted Cyber Ranges, or supply and deliver custom content for existing Cyber Ranges

Curriculum and Content Development

LegaSec can provide highly customized cyber simulation training curriculum for your training needs. If your organization already has a Learning Management System (LMS), Cyber Range, or other training delivery platform, LegaSec can work with you to provide content that your instructors can deliver.

Demonstration Environments

Simulated networks are a practical way to showcase or assess capabilities. LegaSec can assist with product or service selection by creating realistic cyber environments that allow for rapid evaluations or demonstrations. 

Our Story

LegaSec is the combination of four decades of practical experience in technology ecosystems. Genuine practitioners in secure infrastructure, penetration testing, red teaming, and incident response have come together to pass on useful, relevant skills. Success in the technology landscape comes from the culmination of past experience, coupled with the ability to apply newly attained knowledge in wise ways. The question becomes, how do you gain experience? By doing. Cyber simulations provide gamified scenarios and challenge arenas. Experience can be manufactured, comprehension validated, and expertise gleaned.

LegaSec operationalizes theoretical foundations and training techniques, and enables individuals and organizations to realize their practical application.